All Day Breakfast Menu

All Day BreakfastSandwichBaguette/Wrap
Fried OR scrambled egg£3.00£3.50
Bacon OR sausage£3.50£4.00
Hot BLT – bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise£4.00£4.50
Bacon & sausage£4.00£4.50
Biggie – sausage, egg & bacon£4.50£5.00
Cheesy wors wrap £4.50
SA breakfast (egg, bacon & boerewors) £5.50
Griddled onions, mushrooms, OR two hash browns£1.50
Cheese, bacon, sausage OR egg£2.00
Plated ItemsPrice
The Full English
Two free range eggs, sausage, two rashers of freshly grilled bacon, tomato, mushrooms, hash brown and baked beans plus a slice of toast.
The Vegetarian
Two free range eggs,two veggie sausages, two hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans, tomato, roast peppers, and a slice of toast.
A Healthier Start To Your DayPrice
Yoghurt berry crumbles
Greek yoghurt with fresh seasonal berries topped with our special recipe home-made granola.

Hot Food

Our SpecialsPrice
Home made lamb kebab served with minted yoghurt & salad wrapped in soft naan bread£6.00
Chilli con carne with rice OR jacket potato£5.50
Veggie bean chilli with rice OR jacket potato£5.50
South African Bunny chow sweet potato jacket£5.50
Hog roast, apple sauce, stuffing & crackling served in a bap£6.00
Home made quiche & salad£6.00
Tasty JacketsPrice
Plain jacket potato with butter£4.50
Baked beans & cheese£5.00
Add a main filling
– Classic tuna mayo
– Prawn Marie Rose
– Mexican Tuna
– smoked salmon salad
– smoked mackerel salad
– Plain roast chicken
– Mexican chicken
– Tandoori chicken
– Chicken Tikka
– Breaded chicken
– Coronation chicken
– Peri peri chicken
– South African sosatie
– Minted lamb
– A selection of our main fillings from our fridge
Additional fillingsPrice
Main fillings£1.00
Side fillings & salad items
– sweetcorn
– red onion
– olives
– mixed peppers
– cherry tomatoesjalepino peppers
– gherkins
Panini, Ciabatta & Toasted SandwichesToastiePanini OR Ciabatta
Cheese & tomato OR onion£4.00£4.50
Tuna & cheese
Ham & cheeseRoast chicken & cheese
Tomato, mozzarella & pesto
Cheese & bacon
Roast mediterranean vegetable

Cold Food

Salad BaseAdditional main filling £1.00Additional side filling £0.50
Choose your base: Mixed leaf/iceburg lettuce OR Couscous OR pasta served with three side toppings of choice plus one main filling
Main filling
South African chicken
Tandoori chicken
Chicken Tikka
Chicken, bacon & spring onion
Plain roast chicken
Thai sweet chicken
Cajun chicken
Chicken schnitzel
Crumbed ham
Crispy bacon
Tuna mayo
Smoked salmon
Prawn Marie-rose
Veggie sausage
Roast Mediterranean veg & haloumi
Side fillings
Grated carrot
Spring onion
Red onion
Mixed peppers
Boiled egg
Fresh coriander
Veggie SplendourSandwichBaguette OR wrap

Italian veg

Roast Mediterranean vegetables

Tomato Bruschetta mix
Veggie sausage
Egg salad
Grilled haloumi & pepper
EggSandwichBaguette OR wrap
– Boiled egg & salad£3.50£4.00
Smelly StuffSandwichBaguette OR wrap
Smoked cheese
Grilled Halloumi & salad£3.50£4.00
3 cheese & spring onion£3.50£4.00
Something FishySandwichBaguette OR wrap
Smoked Salmon
Prawn Marie Rose
Tuna mayo
Smoked mackerel & salad
Mexican tuna
Finger Lickin’ ChickenSandwichBaguette OR wrap
 Roast chicken
Mexican chicken
Peri peri
South African sosatie chicken
Coronation chicken
Chicken tikka
Chicken, bacon & spring onion
Chicken, pastrami & gherkin
Schnitzel & salad£4.00£4.50
Cold MeatsSandwichBaguette OR wrap
Roast beef
Smoky bacon
Minted lamb£4.00£4.50

Drinks & Sundries

Café latte
Syrup shot: Caramel OR Vanilla£0.50£0.50
English breakfast tea£1.60£2.00
Herbal teas£1.60£2.00

We also sell a variety of cool drinks, crisps, cakes and snacks.