All Day Breakfast Menu

All Day BreakfastSandwichBaguette/Wrap
– Fried OR scrambled egg£3.00£3.50
Bacon OR sausage£3.50£4.00
-Hot BLT
bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonaisse
– Bacon & sausage£4.00£4.50
– Biggie 
– sausage, egg & bacon
Cheesy wors wrap £4.50
SA breakfast (egg, bacon & boerewors) £5.50
Griddled nions, mushrooms, OR hash browns x 2£1.50
Cheese, bacon, sausage OR egg£2.00
Plated ItemsPrice
Full English breakfast
– Two free range eggs, one sausage, two rashers of freshly grilled bacon, one tomato, mushrooms, one hash brown and baked beans plus on slice of toast.
Vegetarian breakfast
– Two veggie sausages, two hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans, one tomato, roast peppers, and one slice of toast & 2 free range eggs.
A Healthier Start To Your DayPrice
Yoghurt berry crumbles
– Greek yoghurt with fresh seasonal berries topped with our special recipe home-made granola

Hot Food

Our SpecialsPrice
Home made lamb kebab served with minted yoghurt & salad wrapped in soft naan bread£6.00
Chilli con carne with rice OR jacket potato£5.50
Veggie bean chilli with rice OR jacket potato£5.50
South African Bunny chow sweet potato jacket£5.50
Hog roast, apple sauce, stuffing & crackling served in a bap6.00
Home made quiche & salad£6.00
Tasty JacketsPrice
Plain jacket potato with butter£4.50
Baked beans & cheese£5.00
Add a main filling
– Classic tuna mayo
– Prawn Marie Rose
– Mexican Tuna
– smoked salmon salad
– smoked mackerel salad
– Plain roast chicken
– Mexican chicken
– Tandoori chicken
– Chicken Tikka
– Breaded chicken
– Coronation chicken
– Peri peri chicken
– South African sosatie
– Minted lamb
– A selection of our main fillings from our fridge
Additional fillingsPrice
Main fillings£1.00
Side fillings & salad items
– sweetcorn
– red onion
– olives
– mixed peppers
– cherry tomatoesjalepino peppers
– gherkins
Panini, Ciabatta & Toasted SandwichesToastiePanini OR Ciabatta
Cheese & tomato OR onion£4.00£4.50
– Tuna & cheese
– Ham & cheese
– Roast chicken & cheese
-Tomato, mozzarella & pesto
– Cheese & bacon
– Roast mediterranean vegetable

Cold Food

Salad BaseAdditional main filling £1.00Additional side filling £0.50
Choose your base: Mixed leaf/iceburg lettuce OR Couscous OR pasta served with three side toppings of choice plus one main filling
Main filling 
South African chicken
Tandoori chicken
Chicken Tikka
Chicken, bacon & spring onion
Plain roast chicken
Thai sweet chicken
Cajun chicken
Chicken schnitzel
Crumbed ham
Crispy bacon
Tuna mayo
Smoked salmon
Prawn Marie-rose
Veggie sausage
Roast Mediterranean veg & haloumi
Side fillings 
Grated carrot
Spring onion
Red onion
Mixed peppers
Boiled egg
Fresh coriander
Veggie SplendourSandwichBaguette OR wrap
– Italian veg
– Roast mediterranean vegatable
– Falafal
– Tomato bruschetta mix
– Veggie sausage
– Egg salad
– Grilled haloumi & pepper
EggSandwichBaguette OR wrap
– Boiled egg & salad£3.50£4.00
Smelly StuffSandwichBaguette OR wrap
– Brie
– Emmental 
– Mozzarella
– §Smoked cheese
Grilled halloumi & salad£3.50£4.00
3 cheese & spring onion£3.50£4.00
Something FishySandwichBaguette OR wrap
– Smoked salmon
– Prawn Marie Rose
– Tuna mayo
– Smoked mackerel & salad
– Mexican tuna
Finger Lickin’ ChickenSandwichBaguette OR wrap
– Roast chicken
– Mexican chicken
– Peri peri
– South African sosatie chicken
– Coronation chicken
– Chicken tikka
– Chicken, bacon & spring onion
– Chicken, pastrami & gherkin
Schnitzel & salad£4.00£4.50
Cold MeatsSandwichBaguette OR wrap
– Ham
– Pastrami
– Roast beef
– Chorizo
– Salami
– Smoky bacon
Minted lamb£4.00£4.50

Drinks & Sundries

– Café latte
– Mochaccino
Syrup shot: Caramel OR Vanilla£0.50£0.50
English breakfast tea£1.60£2.00
Herbal teas£1.60£2.00

We also sell a variety of cool drinks, crisps, cakes and snacks.