We take great delight in offering one of the most flexible and price competitive professional catering services around. Whether it is a wedding, children’s party, barbecue, funeral or even a private dinner party within your home, we are able to tailor our services to your requirements whatever your event.

Hot Savoury

Home made hot savoury dishes (minimum 20 people)Price per person
Beef chilli con carne served with rice or jacket potatoes, cheddar cheese, sour cream, garlic bread & nachos£12.95
Thai green chicken curry served with jasmine & wild rice, fresh coriander & spring rolls£12.95
Succulent seasoned pulled lamb wraps served with two salad of choice£12.95
Home made Coronation chicken served on a bed of rice with one salad, naan bread & mango chutney £12.95
A selection of hot roasted meat filled ciabatta rolls with three salads £12.95
House seasoned peri peri chicken & mint yoghurt baguettes served with three salads£12.95
Beef OR vegetarian lasagne with garlic bread plus 2 salads £12.50
BBQ pulled pork ciabatta rolls with all the trimmings with two salads£12.95
Chicken curry & naan bread served on a bed of rice with mango chutney & minted yoghurt £11.95
Home made quiche & 2 salads - Classic quiche Lorraine : Smoked Salmon & Asparagus : Broccoli & Stilton : Leek & Mushroom: Brie & Cherry Tomato : Trio of Pepper : Caramelized Onion & Goat's Cheese : Fennel, Garlic & Bacon : Minted Pea : Roast squash & stilton£11.95

Cold Savoury

Cold savoury options - minimum of 5 people Price per person
Meat platter£5.50
A selection of ham, pastrami, Italian salami & chicken breast served with mustard, horseradish and mayonnaise, pickled onions, gherkins & olives, with a selection of bread rolls
Mixed savoury platter £5.00
A platter of home made sausage rolls with our popular all butter pastry quiche & marinated chicken fillet skewers
Smoked salmon platter£5.00
Rolled smoked salmon mini skewers served with cream cheese, lemon & cucumber on a bed of cos lettuce
Cheese platter£4.50
A selection of brie, mature cheddar, Stilton & emmental cheeses served with 'Mrs Balls chutney', grapes & rye bread
Bruschetta, Crostini & finger focaccia bites with a variety of toppings - 2 items per serving£4.00
tomato, onion & coriander -Mozzarella & sweet bell peppers with a pesto dressing - Goats cheese & caramelised onion -Roast mediterranean veg & balsamic glaze -Grilled haloumi & chorizo with lemon & black pepper
Fresh tomatoes & olives with a pesto dressing - Blue cheese & caramelised red onion - Pancetta & goats cheese with balsamic dressing - Cream cheese with pesto & sun dried tomatoes - Lemon & thyme seasoned vegetables with feta cheese
Mini home-made lamb koftas £4.50
Our home made special recipe lamb koftas, served with minted yoghurt and mango chutney
Mini chicken kebabs£4.00
Succulent pieces of chicken marinaded in tikka, sweet chilli and peri peri served with lime wedges and mayonnaise


Home made Sweets Price per person
Mixed platter of cake and cookies£3.00
Individual fresh berry yoghurt and granola crumbles£3.00
Mini fruit pavlovas£2.50
Chocolate & salted caramel cake£2.20
Fresh fruit spears£2.20
Chocolate & walnut brownie£2.00
Sliced fruit platter£2.00
Carrot & walnut cake£2.00
Lemon drizzle cake£2.00
Banana loaf£2.00
Scones with clotted cream & strawberry jam£2.00
Assorted muffins£2.00
Gluten free orange and pistachio almond cookies£2.00
Caramel slice£2.00
Chocolate dipped shortbread with pistachio crumbs£2.00
Home made Bakewell tart£2.00
Fresh ginger and pistachio coffee cake£2.00
Home made blueberry cake with butter icing£2.00
Multi seed coconut & cranberry flapjacks£2.00
Home made gingerbread starting from - different themed gingerbread available upon request£1.80
Gluten free almond cookies£1.50
Chocolate & walnut cookies£1.00
Chocolate chunk cookies£1.00
Crunchy peanut butter cookies£1.00
Specialist sweets - We are able to offer a wide variety of specialised cakes, cupcakes, gingerbread houses and more - please email us for more details.


SaladsPrice per person - minimum order 5ppl
Greek salad£2.00
Classic coleslaw£2.00
Classic potato salad£2.00
Spicy fruit couscous£2.00
Tuna pasta & sweetcorn£2.00
Mandarin orange green salad£3.00
Cherry tomato & asparagus salad£3.00
Fresh edamame bean salad £3.00
Roast vegetable pasta salad£3.00
Classic tuna niçoise£3.00
Pesto, spinach & pine nut pasta salad£3.00
Roast mediterranean vegetable couscous£3.00
Coronation wild rice salad£3.00
New potato, spring onion & bacon£3.00
Sag aloo potato salad£3.00
Beetroot, feta & walnut salad £3.00
Cheese & red onion coleslaw£3.00
Mixed bean, lemon, chilli & rocket£3.00
Tomato, mozzarella & basil salad £3.00
Finger focaccia bitesPrice per canapé
An Italian bread base with a variety of toppings
Fresh tomato and olive with a pesto dressing . Blue cheese and caramelized onion . Pancetta and goats cheese with balsamic dressing . Grilled haloumi and chorizo with lemon and black pepper
CrostiniPrice per canapé
An Italian toasted bread base with a variety of toppings
Emmental cheese with sweet roast peppers . Brie and gooseberry chutney with grapes . Goat cheese and caramelised onion . Cream cheese, pesto and sun dried tomato . Lemon and thyme seasoned vegetables with feta cheese
BruschettaPrice per canapé (minimum of 20 canapés)
A crispy bread base with a variety of toppings: • Tomato, onion and coriander • Mozzarella and sweet bell peppers with a pesto dressing • Goat’s cheese and caramelized red onion • Roasted Mediterranean vegetables and balsamic glaze • Sun dried tomato with a pesto dressing £1.50
Filo baskets Price per canapé
A thin and crispy basket of filo pastry with a variety of fillings to be heated for ten minutes in a pre-heated oven: • Chicken tikka and mango chutney garnished with coriander • Goat’s cheese and caramelized red onion • Spinach, feta and ricotta cheese with cayenne pepper£1.50
Breaded CanapésPrice per canapé
A base of malted brown bread with a variety of toppings
Emmental and red leicester cheese with fresh tomato, Prawn with lemon and dill mayo . stiltion and grape . smoked mackeral paté and wild rocket . free range egg mayo and chives . smoked salmon and cream cheese

Children's Parties

Children's party menu - minimum of 8 childrenPrice per person
Platters of freshly cut sandwiches on white or wholemeal bread OR 1 round of sandwiches per child OR half a large tortilla wrap per child
Choose from the following fillings
Cream cheese & cucumber
Grated cheddar cheese
Crumbed ham
Roast chicken
Tuna mayonaisse
Strawberry jam
Savoury options - Price includes 2 choices per child
Cucumber fingers
carrot sticks
Sweet red pepper strips with humous
3 sticks per child
Home made pizza fingers
Mini sausage rolls
Bread sticks
Crackers with cheese
mozzarella bites
A variety of crisps: please ask us for choices£0.50
Mini fruit spears
Kiwi fruit
Fruit bowls of blueberries, strawberries, £1.00
Dried fruit mix
Raisins &
Individual Yeo valley yoghurt tubes or pots£0.80
Pick and mix sweetie bowl £0.50
Individual jelly pots£0.80
Home made cookies - 2 small cookies or 1 x large£1.00
Home made cake£1.00
Birthday cakes are available to order - please ask for more details